Three recent press opportunities you should study

As an open and aggressive advocate for commercial tenants, quite often I publish articles in your interests or am featured in interviews published by others. Keep in mind the following theme. In many respects, dealing with the landlord community is much like dealing with the Government: It’s their way or the highway. Lease negotiations are oftentimes akin to David v. Goliath, therefore. If you could use a highly experienced, “David” with black-belt resources on your side, please let me know.

Earlier this year we had three press opportunities which you should study:

  • In “Office Tenants Pay for More Phantom Space”, my article published by the California Real Estate Journal, I’ve taken up the issue of space measurement and challenged the almighty BOMA methods commonly employed around the United States. This is a highly controversial topic, yet the response by the landlord community is generally, “my way or the highway”. My research took me to several architectural firms responsible for conducting new measurements; and to several real estate lawyers, both business and litigators. You have a right to know how your space was measured and find some solace that you’re not paying for phantom space.
  • In “Office Markets Feel Pull from Law Firm Changes”, the California Real Estate Journal interviewed me for my views on the quaking legal community and its impact on the office marketplace. The paradigm shift away from unlimited hourlies has taken place. Law firms—businesses—are reeling alongside Corporate America.
  • In “Office Markets Shun Tenants’ Market”, The Registry interviewed me about the landlord community’s response to the down economy. As ever, landlords are slow to adjust to obvious and severe changes in the economic landscape. What should you do about it, tenants?

Please let me know if you found these materials to be helpful and enlightening.


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