Robert Reich Speaks: Financial Ruin to Recovery

Where is the economy heading and how long will it take before “recovery” appears? As an advocate for commercial tenants, it has always been my job to study the economy and aggressively negotiate concessions for our clients in leasing transactions. The better one understands market dynamics and supply/demand economic factors, the more effectively and successfully one can argue with landlords.

I recently went to the Commonwealth Club to hear the answers from former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, now Cal Professor of Public Policy. I took copious notes and am sharing his views on how the country arrived at this financial crossroad and where we’re heading.

I’ve been advising commercial tenants for 26 years…and hope that you and your organization take our advice to heart. Please call us to discuss your questions and explore how we may work together.


1 thought on “Robert Reich Speaks: Financial Ruin to Recovery

  1. America shows every sign of being a fly by night operation despite its efforts to appear legitimate by having democratic elections and so called government.

    It’s archives alone display its abhorrence to effective responsibility that would be expected of a legitimate on-going nation where citizens and labor count as more than temporary commodities.

    Most individuals born into society prefer that citizenship means more than a temporary ride through American culture.

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